Bienestar Housing Resource Center

Bienestar Housing Resource Center (BHRC) a division of Comite de Bien Estar. BHRC is a one-stop center that focuses on helping people meet their housing needs. We facilitate access to affordable housing and practical financial counseling, aimed at assisting families on important matters such as: counsel on money management and savings, foreclosure assistance, financial literacy, first time homebuyer counseling, down payment, and closing cost assistance.


Ayuda Mutua te ayuda a construir la casa de tu sueños.

Condado de Yuma les presentamos este excelente programa llamado "Ayuda Mutua". 🙌 No te pierdas los detalles y favor de mirar el video completo. 🎥 ✔️ -En este tiempo tan dificil para comprar casa, este programa te puede ayudar. ✔️ -Ayuda mutua a beneficiado mas de 700 familias en obtener la casa de sus sueños. 🏡 ✔️-Los requsitos para calificar son muy sencillos, solo tienes que contar con ingreso y credito. No dudes mas y llama @ 📞 928-627-8559 o hacer clic "Send Message" para obtener mas informacion.

Posted by Comite De Bien Estar, Inc. on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Self Help Program

The Mutual Self Help Housing Program is a program funded by USDA – Rural Development administered at CDB by our skilled and trained staff whose goal is to provide assistance to very low income and low income families that do not have means or ability to secure housing through conventional financing or traditional methods because of their financial or seasonal employment situation. The Mutual Self-Help Program supports self-motivated, dedicated hard working families that will ultimately perform 65 percent of the construction labor in their new home. These families work as a group and help each other with the construction of their own homes under the super vision of experienced construction supervisors that are on site with the families when any construction work is being performed. The construction labor performed by the families creates a substantial reduction in labor cost, which in turn translates into a considerable amount in mortgage savings and creates a bond between the families that not only results in new homes being constructed but a neighborhood of families that have a strong bond and sense of community. The goal of the Mutual Self Help Housing Program is to provide very low and low-income families a viable path towards realizing the dream of owning a home through affordable and reasonable means.



Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program

The Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program is a service provided by Bien Estar Housing Resource Center at Comite De Bien Estar. Season employment and uncertain economic security combined with lack of financial literacy have led to high rate of Foreclosures in our community, therefore Comite De Bien Estar has implemented the Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program, with the primary goal of providing personalized one-on-one counseling to those that are having a difficult time keeping up with their mortgage and are in danger of foreclosure. The programs specializes in helping families understand their financial situation, recognize all available options and help interact and negotiate with lenders which in most cases can lead to a positive outcome. If you are in need of any assistance or know anyone who might better their situation through this program please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at 963 E "B" Street San Luis, AZ 85349 or dial (928) 627-8559.



First-Time Homebuyer Education Program

The First Time Homebuyer Education Program is a service provided by Bien Estar Housing Resource Center, a division of Comite de Bien Estar. This program is designed to help families and individuals comprehend the complex and extensive responsibilities associated with owning a home for the first time. The program is composed of a total of 10 hours of training provided by our staff during various bilingual nighttime and evening classes that provide insight and knowledge about important subjects such as; budgeting, credit issues, home insurance, property taxes, closing costs, property maintenance, mortgage loan products and how to prepare when applying for a loan. Essentially these courses provide an opportunity for first-time homebuyers to broaden their understanding of key issues commonly confronted by first-time homebuyers. For more information contact the Bien Estar Housing Resource Center, located at the Comite de Bien Estar office at 963 E "B" Street San Luis, AZ 85349 or give us a call at (928) 627-8559.



Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program is a service provided by Comite de Bien Estar at our central office at 963 E "B" Street San Luis, AZ 85349. The program consists of several sessions that are designed to help reduce the confusion and anxiety commonly experienced when dealing with financial decisions and planning. This is achieved by informing clients of the different banking options available to them, and providing advice on how to create and manage a personal and family budget. The program focuses on providing clients with the necessary information needed to make informed financial decisions and helps clients build the solid financial foundation required for responsible home ownership. The clients that attend all sessions will receive a financial literacy certificate which may provide a positive image of our clients to traditional financial institutions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at our office or you can call us at (928) 627-8559.



Education & Counseling

BHRC- Promotes a powerful tool that helps individuals and families understand the broad complexities and responsibilities associated with owning a home for the first time and after the purchase. The program is structured as an 8-hour class, taught over several evenings or a one-day class in Spanish and English for Pre-purchase and Post-purchase for a 3 hour evening class. A fee of $0.00 will be charged to a group class or a $50.00 fee will be charged if it is an individual class that is on a different date from our schedule.



Education & Classes Schedule

Online First Time Homebuyer Class