Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program is a service provided by Comite de Bien Estar at our central office at 963 E "B" Street San Luis, AZ 85349. The program consists of several sessions that are designed to help reduce the confusion and anxiety commonly experienced when dealing with financial decisions and planning. This is achieved by informing clients of the different banking options available to them, and providing advice on how to create and manage a personal and family budget. The program focuses on providing clients with the necessary information needed to make informed financial decisions and helps clients build the solid financial foundation required for responsible home ownership. The clients that attend all sessions will receive a financial literacy certificate which may provide a positive image of our clients to traditional financial institutions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at our office or you can call us at (928) 627-8559.

Financial Literacy Class:

  1. Borrowing Basics
  2. Money Matters
  3. Pay Yourself First
  4. Keep It Safe
  5. To Your Credit

To extend our services, BHRC is announcing their online first-time homebuyer class.

Register at: an agency a fee of $50.00 will be required.
Essentially the courses provide an opportunity for first-time homebuyers to broaden their understanding of key issues commonly confronted by first-time homebuyers and the coming issues of being a homeowner.
Our one on one counseling for pre-purchase helps our participants determine their readiness to purchase a house. We will work individually with individuals that are not mortgage ready to get them to the point and achieve their goal of homeownership.We will set goals and with each individual, based on their needs, such as, Credit Issues, Budgeting, Savings, and other issues that pertain to each client.

Online First Time Homebuyer Class

For registration to one of our course or our one-on-one counseling,

Please call: (928) 627-8559 ext. 29