Comite de Bien Estar is a membership non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping members build assets and strengthen the community. Anyone who interested in being a member of Comite and would like to support our mission is welcomed to join Comite's membership program. The cost of being a member is a small yearly contribution of $25.00. Contributions made by members are used to help Comite fulfill its mission and help broaden the extent to which Comite helps its members and the community. For more Information regarding Comite's membership program, contact Comite's central office at (928) 627-8559 or pay us a visit at 963 E "B" Street San Luis, AZ 85349.

Membership Benefits

The cost of being a member is minuscule compared to benefits Comite de Bienestar Member our membership program offers. Being a member of Comite de Bien Estar offers the opportunity to belong to an organization dedicated to its members and community. Members benefit from exclusive discounts on the many services provided by Comite de Bien Estar and our affiliates.

List of Discounted Services

  • Fax Service
  • Copy Service
  • Printing Service
  • Notary Service
  • Credit Report 
  • Letters to Creditors
  • Document Translations
  • BFR Loan Application Fee
  • First Time Home Buyers Course
  • Debt and Money Management Application Fee
  • Comite's Community Hall Rental