Education & Counseling

BHRC- Promotes a powerful tool that helps individuals and families understand the broad complexities and responsibilities associated with owning a home for the first time and after the purchase. The program is structured as an 8-hour class, taught over several evenings or a one-day class in Spanish and English for Pre-purchase and Post-purchase for a 3-hour evening class. A fee of $0.00 will be charged to a group class or a $50.00 fee will be charged if it is an individual class that is on a different date from our schedule

Will cover the following topics:

  1. Pre-purchase Class:
    1. Are you Ready to Buy a Home?
    2. Managing Your Money
    3. Understanding Credit
    4. Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
    5. Shopping for a Home
    6. Protecting Your Investment
  2. Post-Purchase Class:
    1. Money Management
    2. Community Involvement
    3. Home Maintenance and Repair, Hiring Contractors

Online First Time Homebuyer Class