Comite Construction Company

Comite de Bien Estar is a membership non-profit organization that strives to help members build assets and strengthen the community. One of the many ways Comite works towards accomplishing the former is by helping moderate to low-income families construct their own home, through Comite's own licensed (ROC 237337) construction company. Comite's construction company helps members build home designs that are:

  • Affordable
  • Modern
  • Innovative
  • Custom
  • Handicap Accessible

Currently, Comite's construction company is constructing homes at Bienestar Estates subdivision and Las Brisas subdivision, a community development project that has taken place since 2008. For more information regarding Comite's construction company, please contact Marisela Tijerina at (928) 627-8559 ext. 1400

Contact Information:

Marisela Tijerina
Construction Coordinator / Accounting Specialist
Phone: (928) 627-8559 ext. 1400

Gary Black
Deputy Director
Phone: (928) 627-8559 ext. 1102


Model Homes:

Model 972

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Model 990

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Model 1162

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Model 1172

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